Huge Impact Created by Anbar Trade Fair

The Anbar Trade Fair that was organized by the Ramadi Business Center from November 1st -4th and had a substantial impact in the business community by generating interest and awareness about different products offered locally. The trade fair was the first of its kind in the province receiving wide media coverage for more than 50 exhibitors displaying large array of products ranging from generators to building materials including granite and stone samples.

More than two-thousand people visited the event that was inaugurated by the Governor of Ramadi. The PRT Anbar, the State Department and USAID were all present to show their support. The USAID-Tijara program provided technical assistance to help organize the event. INMA, a USAID funded project, also participated and organized the agricultural conference in conjunction with the trade fair. A RBC representative opened "the event will change the way in doing business in Ramadi".

More than 10 Iraqi TV stations covered the event, showcasing the significant impact the trade fair will have in promoting Anbar as a promising region for international and regional investors.