Frequently Asked Questions

Title: Frequently Asked Questions
I am self employed. Can you help my business?

We assist many types of business to grow – these are some examples of the ones we have worked with since we started. As you can see we cover almost everything. This is not a list of the only type of business we support – these are just examples:
Artisans and craftsmen
Beauty salons
Cabinet builders
Car wash
Clothing boutique
Copying office
Egg agency
Electrical supplies shop
Employment services
Fabric merchant
Fish hatchery
Food processing
Internet cafes
Medical clinic
Mobile repair shop
Money changer
Nursery schools
Poultry breeder
Private schools
Sewing factory
Shaving/barber shop
Shop for construction materials
I need to repair or move my office. Do you help people like me?

Yes we can help you in many ways to improve your business. To start with you should try to get onto a training course for developing or improving your business. As part of that we help you in the putting together of a business plan. The business plan is what you do now and what you will do in the future and how you will grow the business. That is an important step towards getting help. So contact the nearest SBDC.
How can I get vouchers?

The SBDC uses the voucher system to receive payment for the courses which it gives to individuals. It is traded between the District Advisory Council (DAC) and the SBDC locations and you don’t have to worry about it. The important thing to do is to contact your district DAC or any SBDC and request a place on the next available training course.

I do not understand about finance. Is this a problem?

There is nothing to worry about. The course we offer explains financial terms and how to use simple financial methods which can be used to put a business plan together.
How do I know that I am suitable for a training programme?

If you have a business and want to improve it.

If you have an idea and especially if you have an ambition and drive and want to create a business
Then you should discuss your idea with the nearest SBDC location.

Is there a minimum age for entrance?

We would expect that a person who wants to create a business or has an idea should be 15 years of age or older.

Can I become a trainer?

It is possible to become a trainer. If you have a special skill or interest ask about the TOT (Training of Trainers) Program. Any questions you have will be fully answered by contacting any of SBDCs.