Samawa Small Business Development Center (S-SBDC)

Address: Samawa Chamber of Commerce, Al Samawa City, St. Al Garbee

Telephone: +964-7800058314
Email: or
Hours of work: Sunday through Thursday From 8 AM to 3 PM.


The Samawa Small Business Development Center (S-SBDC) was established in October 2009 and is registered under the umbrella of the Samawa Chamber of Commerce. Its vision is to become the leading business development organization in Muthanna Province providing effective services to help create a strong entrepreneurial community. In undertaking efforts to promote private sector development in its province, the S-SBDC partners with a variety of local business and government organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Iraqi Businessmen’s Union, the Provincial Council, the Provincial Investment Commission, local banks, and others. It also seeks to mobilize financial and technical support from international organizations and donors, private investors, and others in order to stimulate economic growth and create income opportunities for local citizens.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the S-SBDC is to enable the Muthanna business community to take advantage of new business opportunities in local, national, regional, and international markets and employ new methods and technical applications to manage and grow their businesses.

Staff Structure:

Board of Directors Chairman: Mr. Kareem Mohammad Ali.
Authorized Contacts: Mr. Emad Rabat, Executive Director.
Full-time staff: Administrative Assistant, Project Manager/Training Coordinator, IT Manager, Accountant.
Part-time Staff: Business Trainers and Consultants (3).

S-SBDC at a Glance - Accomplishments to Date:

  • (29) training courses covering "How to start up or improve a business" with a total of 554 participants (through May 31, 2011).
  • (2) training courses on “youth employment promotion” with 55 participants.
  • (7) courses on “computer basics” with 77 participants.
  • “Doing Business in Muthanna” Conference.
  • Business forums (3 in 2011).
  • Muthanna Business Directory (2 editions).

Current Services Offered at S-SBDC:

  • Business training (How to Start a Business, How to Improve Your Business).
  • English language courses.
  • Computer training.
  • Translation services.
  • Legal advisory services.
  • Feasibility services.
  • Printing and Marketing Services.
  • Muthanna Business News and Advertising Services.
  • Employment Preparation and Placement Services.

Business Relationships and Affiliations: