Baghdad - Iraqi Association of Security Dealers (IASD)

Address: Abu Nawas Street, Near Palestine Hotel & Sheraton Hotel, Baghdad

Telephone: +964 7904 302 828
Hours of work: (8) hours, Sunday through Thursday.


IASD is the Parent Organization for the SBDC that was established within the IASD in Dec, 2006. IASD was formed by the USAID-Izdihar project in August 2004 as a securities dealers association, with a board elected by 50 securities companies who are members of the IASD. IASD has become a platform for information, advocacy, services and development. Through our course offers and services that we provide, we have developed a unique status in the community through fostering a learning environment in the business sector and skill building courses in subjects such as English and computer basics. IASD has developed electronic trading course curricula for Security Dealers in Iraq and is prepared to carry out nationwide training. IASD has also expanded to offer training of trainer programs for the Ministry of Youth & Sports. IASD is a registered NGO under the Iraqi NGO Registration Office.

Mission Statement:

IASD is focused on building an orderly, viable, fair and transparent market that effectively serves the Iraqi economy by providing technical assistance and services to the business and local community in Baghdad.

Staff Structure:

Board of Directors Chairman: Mr. Ali Jamal Amin.
Authorized Contacts: Mrs. Baraka Salih Ali, Acting Executive Director.
Full-time staff: Training Director, Accountant, M&E Specialist (Tijara embedded), Field Coordinator (Tijara/Youth Initiative), Project Coordinator, Administrative, Two freelance trainers; and five professors mainly from the University of Baghdad, Al-Nahrain University, as needed.

IASD at a Glance - Accomplishments to Date:

  • Monthly newsletter for Security Dealer Members.
  • Business Skills Training - 57 courses with over 1,000 participants.
  • Computer Training.
  • Cost Accounting, Budget & Financial Management Training for more than 15 medium size enterprises.
  • Security dealers training for IASD’s 50 security dealer members and their staff.
  • Association Management training for more than 100 participants representing more than 10 civil society organizations.
  • Vocational Skills Training, including Beekeeping & Poultry for Women with over 270 women participants.
  • Major Economic Development Conference.

Current Services Offered at IASD:

  • Business Skills Training and Business Consultancies for SMEs.
  • Financial Management and Cost Accounting for medium sized enterprises.
  • Monthly newsletter for Security Dealer Members.
  • Training program for Security Dealers in Electronic Trading.
  • YI Youth Entrepreneurial Access to Finance – Business start-up and financing assistance.
  • YI Youth Employment Promotion - Youth apprenticeships and job placement skills.
  • Training of Trainer programs for Iraqi Ministry of Youth & Sports.
  • Business skills training for Internally Displaced Persons under contract to International Relief & Development (IRD).

Business Relationships and Affiliations: