Najaf SBDC Journalist recognized as the only Iraqi to attend German’s Goethe Institute Training

Najaf SBDC

Eleven Arab journalists were accepted by the world famous Goethe Institute in Berlin for a two month training program for cultural journalists from the Arab World. The only journalist accepted from Iraq is Mohammed Almoumin, a journalist for the Najaf Economic Gazette which is produced by the Najaf SBDC and is also a presenter for the satellite channel Alnajaf Alashraf. Joining Mohammad will be 3 journalists from Egypt and Palestine, two from Lebanon and one each from Tunisia and Jordan.

Reflecting upon his upcoming experience, Mohammed said "I hope to learn more about the German culture and business mentality, to hone my journalism skills through practical experiences, and to become more familiar with modern technologies in the new media. This will improve my journalism expertise and expand my professional network, while I learn more about other countries and people."

The program includes a four week intensive professional training in September in Berlin followed by individual internships at German media houses around the country. For the fall 2012 class, only 11 independent journalists from the fields of print, online, radio, or television who have an initial experience in cultural reporting and at least three years of professional experience and good English skills have been selected.

Mohammed Almoumin, was born on 19 February 1986 in Iraq. After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering, from the Kufa University, he hosted more than 50 television shows for young people on TV. He has been working with the Najaf SBDC since April 2011.

“We are very proud that Mohammed Almoumin will represent Najaf and Iraq at this training” said the Najaf SBDC Executive Director Hassanein Muhiddin. "We know he will bring back many new lessons that can be applied to our efforts in Najaf as well as an extensive network of contacts that can provide support for journalists and business people in Iraq.”