Glass Factory Resumes Production after 10 Years

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By John Lee.
A glass factory in Anbar has resumed production after a break of 10 years.
AKnews reports that factory manager Fadhil Ahmed said the factory’s production line is now fully functioning with the help of the Ministry of Industry using local expertise.
“The factory is now capable of producing high quality products like glassware, bottles, laboratory supplies and glass bottles that are used in the bottled juices and nutrients industries” said Ahmed.
He did not give details of the plant’s capacity, but “we will work to cover the local markets need for glassware with a certain amount of the produce to be exported to support our economy”.
The factory in the city of Ramadi stopped production in 2003 following the US-led invasion of Iraq.
(Source: AKnews)
(Picture: Ramadi at dawn)