Welding Together a Stronger Iraq

June 27, 2012

Ameer Fadhil was a twenty three year old father of one from Najaf working as a blacksmith assistant when a friend mentioned to him the opportunities that were being offered at the Najaf Small Business Development Center’s “How to Start Your Business” training. The program, sponsored by the Tijara Iraqi Youth Initiative, offered five days of training in the essentials of starting a business and a referral to the Izdiharouna Micro Finance Institution in Najaf.

Wanting to provide a better life for himself and his growing family he signed up for the course which included lectures in marketing, accounting, service pricing and other business basics. Upon completion of the training and approval of a business plan which he prepared, Ameer submitted his application for a business loan to Izdiharouna, which was approved in February 2012. Since then, Ameer has opened his own welding fabrication business and has even hired an assistant. The increased revenue will allow him to repay his loan by May 2013. “The participation in this program gave me the necessary knowledge to start my own shop, which has made me an independent man.” said Ameer from his shop recently. Looking to increase his customers and sales, further expansion is a real possibility.

Ameer Fadhil at his Metal Fabrication Shop in Najaf

Ameer Fadhil welding another window frame in Najaf