Al-Fayha sees Precast Future for better Iraq

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Sarmad Al-Khudairi, CEO of Al-Fayha Building Solutions, one of the biggest industrial contractors and service providers in south Iraq, is focusing resources on its precast concrete business in response to soaring demand, according to a report in Construction Week.
He told CW in an interview:
We are focusing on our main business, which is the precast solution. The boom in Iraq will not be characterised by the normal standard way of building things; it will be a faster solution, and precast is a fast solution.
“We have now the opportunity to give the full solution by design, fabrication and implementation, and I think the 25 school projects [that the company secured] will open the eyes of people – that it is better to do it this way, and faster.
“We are also now in a careful, indepth study to solve the housing issue in Iraq by giving a full solution with precast.
Al-Fayha, based in the southern Iraqi port of Basra, offers a range of construction services, including piling, marine steel structuring and bridge girdering.
Before [the boom], maybe each company would build two houses a year. Now each company is bidding for 400 to 500 houses per year, they cannot [satisfy the demand using traditional building methods]. This is our selling point,” he said.
(Source: Construction Week)