Building Iraq, One Window at a Time

Anbar Business Center
December 19, 2011

Basem Mohammed Hasan, 25 years old, the father of one daughter, had a Bachelor degree and good abrication skills with aluminum, but operated as a worker.

He has a dream to have his own factory but without the proper financial management skills to run a business on his own or sufficient funds he could not start his own company.

Following an introduction by a friend In July 2010, Basem attended a course about “How to Start a Business”, at the Anbar Business Center where he learned the basics of financial management, marketing, sales and how to work with your customers.

The program at the Anbar Business Center worked closely with the Al-Takkadum Micro-Finance Institute (MFI) in Anbar. Upon completing a business plan and loan application, Basem obtained a loan from Al-Takkadum which allowed him to start his own aluminum factory, building window and door frames and other aluminum building materials. Starting his factory in a rented facility, he gained new customers and increased his sales and his profits enough to hire two workers and achieved his dream by tuning his idea into his own company.

He said "I was a hard working laborer, without enough money or free time, but I had a dream. After the step I made with the Anbar Business Center and Al-Takkadum MFI, now I have my own aluminum factory with a good profit, and I can complete my master’s education. I want to tell all young people that if you want go on the right path; you are only one step away from your success."