Success Stories

Welding Together a Stronger Iraq

June 27, 2012

From Employee to Employer in Najaf

June 16, 2012

Dreams Can Come True

Women’s Empowerment Organization
Erbil, Iraq
May 2011

Repairing Cars And Building Lives

Women Empowerment Organization
Iraq, Erbil
February, 2012

Osama's Successful Business

Zaqora Business Development Center
Nassriya, Iraq
December 29, 2011

Building Iraq, One Window at a Time

Anbar Business Center
December 19, 2011

Basem Mohammed Hasan, 25 years old, the father of one daughter, had a Bachelor degree and good abrication skills with aluminum, but operated as a worker.

Anbar Trade Fair Exhibitor Expands Sales

Anbar Business Center
Ramadi, Anbar

IASD Graduate Building IRAQ

Iraqi Association of Security Dealers (IASD)
Baghdad, Iraq
June 2011

More SBDCs Expand Their Reach With Publications

Samawa, Zaqoora Business Development Centers
December 2011

Qualified Employees = Happy Employer

Women Empowerment Organization
Erbil, Iraq
December 2011