BAGHDAD –USAID-Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program in cooperation with Iraq’s 12 microfinance institutions and Iraqi Microfinance Network will hold an Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders Conference at Hotel Rotana, Erbil, on October 23 and 24, 2012. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Iraqi Microfinance - The Path to Economic and Social Advancement”.
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UNDP Funding for MFIs

UNDP invites Microfinance Institutions in Iraq for a pre-qualification exercise for Implementation of the project "Private Sector Development Program for Iraq (PSDP-1)".
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Iraqi Microfinance Conference in Erbil to Discuss Expansion, Greater Outreach to Poor

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s 12 microfinance institutions in cooperation with the USAID-Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program will hold an Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders Conference in Erbil on October 3 and 4. The theme of this year’s microfinance event will be “Transforming Inclusive Financial Services for Increasing Outreach.”
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CBI tells Iraqi Newspaper Al Sabah about Microfinance Role in Targeting the Poor

The CBI Research Director Dr. Hadi Sabah has indicated that the microfinance enterprises provide the economic development strategy and start from the poor Iraqi families as the poor are targeted by new small businesses. He added, on the sidelines of the Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders Conference 2010 held by USAID-Tijara, that these industries began from scratch, and that the CBI have set easy conditions for loans. "We have achieved since early 2004 numerous successes and activities in the small businesses development sector, and that the CBI considers itself a partner in Tijara's development projects, and the CBI is seeking to maintain the stability of the exchange rate and keep the inflation rates as low as possible in addition to reducing the reserves percentage to 15%." Mr. Sabah elaborated.

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UNDP Invites Microfinance Institutions in Iraq for Pre-Qualification Exercise for Implementing Project

UNDP is pleased to announce a pre-qualification exercise for Microfinance Institutions (MFI) for partnering for the implementation of the project “Private Sector Development Programme for Iraq (PSDP-I). The PSDP-I is conceived and designed with Iraqi stakeholders (public and private) and other international stakeholders in an effort to create and enable an effective, coherent, and comprehensive framework for private sector development in Iraq at both the national and governorate levels in three priority Governorates: Basra, Anbar and Erbil. The project has earmarked a total of USD 2 million funding for microfinance.
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Iraq Microfinance Industry Conference Celebrates Innovative Loan Products

USAID-Tijara’s Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders’ Conference began with a pledge to provide greater financial services to people living below Iraq’s poverty line of $2.20 a day and ended with a celebration of innovative loan products that have created or sustained 203,500 jobs since 2003.

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BAGHDAD – The USAID-Tijara “Putting the Poor First” microfinance symposium, a program supported by the U.S. Government, will be held November 28-30 in Erbil.
The Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders’ Conference will bring together leaders from the 12 microfinance institutions (MFIs) that provide financial services throughout Iraq. The forum will attract Iraqi policy makers, donors, banks, small business development centers (SBDCs), and all registered Iraqi MFIs.
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BAGHDAD - Leaders of 12 Iraqi Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) assembled in Baghdad recently for the inaugural meeting of the Iraqi Microfinance Industry Network. The main item on the agenda was the signing of a Code of Conduct & Ethics that mandates ethical behavior and a commitment to low-income Iraqis.

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Louis Berger Group announces Senior Microfinance Program Manager Position for Northern Iraq

The Louis Berger Group is seeking a Senior Microfinance Program Manager for its USAID-funded Tijara project based in Erbil/Kirkuk Iraq. The Senior Microfinance Program Manager will be part of the Microfinance team based in Erbil and supporting a variety of project initiatives.

Download PDF for more details about the job.
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USAID-Tijara Program Invites Iraqi MFIs to Partner for Developing Financial Services for the Youth

The USAID-Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program is seeking applications from locally registered qualified Iraqi MFIs that have prior experience working with USAID-funded projects on credit provision for underserved populations throughout Iraq. Selected recipients will partner with the USAID-Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program to develop and expand the provision of demand-driven financial services and products for the youth that are participating in the Iraqi Youth Initiative program.
It is expected that there will be between four and ten grants distributed to MFIs, each for up to a twelve month period. The estimated date to begin implementation is on/about August 2010.
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Detailed Request for Proposals

Posted: 08 Jul 2010
Source: USAID Iraq
Originally Published: 08 Jul 2010

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